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All JavaScripts that were created on behalf of EMERGINGMIND are stored here for educational and comparison purposes.

Authors may utilize this location as a means for the independent verification of original content, release dates and copyright information. It also serves as a central repository for JavaScripts that are available for free, public use and distribution.

Name Author Version Release Date
Spinner David Sater 1.0 12/16/98
Spin Test David Sater 1.0 12/17/98
Rotate13 David Sater 1.0 02/19/98
PsychicTester David Sater 1.0 03/11/99
PsychicTester David Sater 2.0 03/11/99
FreeCellCalculator David Sater 1.0 03/11/99
OrderForm David Sater 1.0 05/07/99
Restriction David Sater 1.0 04/06/00

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