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Spin Tester

The following fields are a graphical demonstration of how the random numbers for Spinner are generated.

Seed(seconds) This is determined by the seconds portion of the current time and ranges from 0 to 59.
Seed2(minutes) This is determined by the minutes portion of the current time and ranges from 0 to 59.
Seed3(seed+seed2+60) This ensures that there is a seed number that is not 0. It ranges from 60 to 178 and becomes the initial count.
Stop(count - Math.round(seed3/2)) This ensures that the stop number is a whole number that is approximately one half of the initial count ("seed3"/2).
Spins(Seed3-Stop) This simply shows how many spins there will be.
Count(seed3) This shows the counter as it counts down.
Desire This shows the corresponding result that matches the array index.

This Script was created on the 17th of December 1998, in response to a need to create a random number of spins and a random starting point.


Copyright 1998-2000 by David Sater for EMERGINGMIND. Graphic design by Bill Barker. All Rights Reserved.

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