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Information can be very valuable. There are many reasons why someone or a company might want to publish certain key information- but only want approved people (like employees or paying customers) to have access.

On the web, it's common to give away "teaser" information and then create areas that have restricted access. Then, only users with a password can enter the restricted areas (often at a cost).

The traditional way to protect those web pages, images and other files is by putting them in a folder on your web server that has restricted access. This is like putting them in a safe, or having a security guard allow only valid users access to a room.

To do this, you need your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to set it up for you. If you want many people to each have a private password, you need a "security system" that must be designed by you or someone else (usually at a cost).

The main problem with this system- as in any traditional security system is the lock. If someone pays the money to get your password, and then sells it to others (or posts it to a newsgroup), your security has been rendered useless.  And if your ISP's programmer is unavailable, you are helpless to do anything about it.

How I Do It:

Using the Web-O-Matic, I take a completely different approach. Since I can change any aspect of a webpage very quickly, and this includes a URL pointer, I don't need to create a folder with security .

All I need to do is simply rename the valuable page, the folder or subfolder. It's like a secret witness program for web pages. The security is in mobility. If someone can't find the valuable information, it is safe.

If what I'm saying makes sense to you, your first objection should be: "But what if I've got hundreds or thousands of links pointing to the valuable web pages? If my legitimate webpages can't find the information either, it may be safe- but it's not valuable anymore."

The way Web-O-Matic works, you can change all of your legitimate pointers easily. Meanwhile, anyone else who has "hotlinked" to your pages without your permission will be stopped immediately.  Even if they get the new location and hotlink again, you can simply change the name or location again. You have complete control.

You can even change the domain (if you have access to another one).

Key Benefits:

  • You are in complete control.
  • Stops "hotlinking" and discourages it from continuing.
  • It's easy to change passwords, names and locations.

For a demonstration, contact me at 775.847.7359.

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